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Perspectives on Crimea, special issue of Shima

As a large, peninsular ‘almost island’, Crimea dominates the northern area of the Black Sea and the entrance to the smaller Sea of Azov to its north. Historically Crimea has had a distinct history and a distinct sense of identity with regard to the Ukraine and Russia that has been reflected in the shifting political administration of the region. Within Crimea, the port city of Sevastopol has also had its own status and trajectory. This special issue of Shima will address various aspects of the socio-cultural and political history and present of Crimea and the northern Black Sea region. Proposals are invited for papers on aspects such as:

  • Senses of Crimean identity
  • Cultural minorities in Crimea
  • Linguistic and literary aspects of Crimea
  • Crimean diasporic cultures
  • Crimean-Ukrainian and Crimean-Russian relations
  • Representations of Crimea in various media (such as Vasily Aksyonov’s novel Island of Crimea or Konstantin Klyatskin’s film Crimea: As it was)
  • Theorisations of Crimea, its spatiality and historical forms
  • Visual essays on aspects of Crimea

The special issue will be guest edited by Olga Oleinikova (University of Technology Sydney).

Articles should be between 4000 and 8000 words in length and should be submitted in Shima house style. (See style guidelines here.)

Proposals are invited at any time (please send to Final copy deadline is May 20, 2018.